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Official Veterinarian services

As the Official Veterinarian for the region, Anton Milicevic reports to the Chief Veterinary Officer of the Canton of Grisons. His main official duty involves supervision of the four slaughterhouses in Upper Engadin and Bergell. He monitors these and ensures that animal transport and slaughter conform to statutory provisions.

In addition, Anton Milicevic is responsible for issuing export and health certificates for the Upper Engadin and Bergell regions. These are mainly required to facilitate the cross-border movement of sport horses and horses used for leisure purposes, but such certificates are also required for ruminants and small animals.

Where required, Anton Milicevic also carries out tasks on behalf of the Swiss Office of Food and Animal Health (ALT GR), such as initial animal welfare checks.

Even though his work as Official Veterinarian for the region is only a side role, his remit has been expanding in recent years as a result of the increasingly stringent legislation in this sector.

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