Tel. +41 81 826 55 60

Dr. med. vet. Anton S. Milicevic

Qualified veterinary surgeon

Official Veterinarian and FTVP

Official veterinary surgeon for St. Moritz Racing Club

FEI Permitted Treating Veterinarian


Brief CV:

  • Grew up and attended primary school in Hombrechtikon (ZH)
  • Attended secondary school in Wetzikon (KZO)
  • Studied Veterinary Medicine in Zurich from 1991 to 1996
  • Completed state examinations in Zurich in 1996
  • Completed dissertation at the University of Zurich

Internships with

  • Dr. med. vet. A. Bivetti, 7514 Sils Maria
  • Dres. med. vet. Ch.& Ph. Seifert, 8627 Grüningen
  • Dres. med. vet. Wetli & Honegger, 8932 Mettmenstetten
  • Joint practice from 2003 to 2005 with Dr.A.Bivetti
  • Independent practice from 2005 onwards


Member of:

  • GST (Society of Swiss Veterinary Surgeons)
  • GBT (Society of Cantonal Veterinary Surgeons)
  • SVK (Swiss Association for Small Animal Medicine)
  • SVPM (Swiss Association for Equine  Medicine)