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In our practical work with horses, we encounter horses used for leisure activities, work horses and, of course, sport and tournament horses. The different demands and requirements of our customers and their beloved animals challenge us on a daily basis. We are proud to enjoy the trust of so many riders and owners.

  • General and therapeutic mobile practice
  • Inoculations, inoculation advice
  • Issuing of horse passes, check-ups
  • Implantation of microchips/transponders
  • Teeth and bite checks, manual (or machine-aided) extraction of canines, extraction of wolf teeth
  • Sale investigations
  • Preparation of insurance statements
  • Mare gynaecology, including artificial insemination
  • Advice for those buying horses
  • Neutering and other surgical procedures
  • Investigation and treatment of lameness
  • X-rays
  • Endoscopy
  • Export certificates
  • Our own small laboratory